Algae causes bloom and gloom

GIANT blooms of algae have quickly consumed a community pond in Freeling, emitting a foul smell and aesthetically tarnishing the area, according to residents.

The pond is located off of Freeling Estate’s Pedler Boulevard and was established about two years ago for stormwater management purposes.

Freeling resident Melanie McInerney said she was visiting the adjacent playground with her five-year-old niece a couple of weeks ago, when they both noticed a foul smell in the air.

“As we got out the car you could smell stagnant water, it was fairly strong,” she said.

“As we approached the pond I took a closer look and couldn’t believe what I was seeing – the algae was in full bloom and not just a thin layer on top of the water, but big blooms coming from well under the water line.”

The algae was spread around the entire pond and remained there, along with discarded litter, as of late last week.

Mrs McInerney said it was a shame an otherwise nice reserve was being let down by the poor condition and maintenance of the pond.

“The algae wasn’t just in one section, but had spread around the entire lake, not quite reaching the centre, with bits of rubbish stuck in it,” she said.

A spokesperson for Freeling Estate developer Lanser Communities, which is currently responsible for the pond’s maintenance, said the algae problem was being addressed.

“Due to recent weather conditions we understand this is currently a statewide problem,” the spokesperson said.

“We are working together with our landscape contractor to remedy this issue for our residents as soon as possible.”

Ellouise Crawford


Ellouise Crawford joined The Bunyip in April, 2010, while completing a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia. Ellouise wrote The Bunyip’s Playford Times before joining the editorial team full-time in late-2011. She now covers the Light Regional Council region and enjoys writing about Gawler’s strong heritage, as well as its many passionate and inspirational residents. Ellouise grew up in Gawler and now lives in Wasleys with her family.

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