Arabian stud opens doors to the public

CONCORDIA horse breeder Kevin Jericho’s passion for horses spans back to when he was 10 years old.

However, it’s been one breed of horse, in particular, that’s stolen his heart.

“The Arabian horse has always taken my eye,” he said.

“They have a majestic presence and I find them easy to train.”

Mr Jericho, who’s worked on farms his whole life, attributes his love for the animal to his father, who owned draft horses for stock work on his own farm and purchased a mare for his son at the age of 10.

Mr Jericho bred his first mare with an Arabian horse and, from there, it’s been a labour of passion breeding both pure-bred and partbred Arabian horses.

“Some people like to ride (horses), and I’m more a feeder and a breeder,” he laughed.

Mr Jericho looks back fondly over several individual horses he’s bred – including one, named Gai Gold, which became a Reserve Champion stallion in halter classes, in 1988 – and has even had horses purchased for endurance racing in the United Arab Emirates.

He said the Arabian breed – one of the oldest on earth, originating on the Arabian Peninsula some 4500 years ago and spreading around the globe – is renowned for its resilience and endurance in tough conditions.

“They come from the desert in Arabia, where conditions are tough, and so that’s how they evolved to be tough horses,” Mr Jericho said.

“They can be used for showing, for led halter classes, hacking, dressage and endurance – they’re probably the main things that Arabian horses excel in.”

Mr Jericho is holding an Open Day to showcase his current Arabians and Anglo-Arabians at his Narrawa Arabian Horse Stud on Saturday, January 20.

For more information, contact Mr Jericho on 0447 004 027 or email



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