Barbecuing is not for me

The Weekly Wine Down with Laura Collins

I AM never one to specify gender roles in our house, but after scorching two of my fingers while barbecuing this week, it is fair to say I am handing back the tongs.

As mentioned previously, I am no Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, but for the sake of actually needing to eat to stay alive, I have a go.

Last week I tried something a little different, cooking on the barbecue – I mean, how hard could it be?

Turning the knob and slapping some patties on the plate seemed pretty straightforward.

I only warmed the flat hotplate, and left the grill side off, being that it was only Matt and I in the house.

I very cautiously left the food to cook, while dashing inside to make a quick garden salad to go alongside.

I came back shortly after, pretty pleased with the way things were looking.

But, it wasn’t long before I realised that Matt’s meat patties were not cooking as quickly as my vegie ones, and that they needed to be squashed down a little to cook through the centre.

I had left the spatula resting on the grill side, and it seemed only natural to pick it up with my right hand and use my lefthand to press down on the metal and flatten the patties.

Only split seconds had passed by the time I realised the metal was actually blistering hot, and I’d flung the spatula across the back verandah.

I sprinted inside crying out in pain and raced to the bathroom sink.

Matt followed closely behind to see what was going on, and why I had let out such a shriek.

I let the water run over my hand for more than half an hour and then drowned it in a bucket of water for over an hour more.

Despite my best efforts they burned throughout the night, until I found a ‘comfortable’ upright, seated position with my hand raised well above my head.

The following morning I woke, after minimal sleep, with two blistered fingers that, finally, were not painful.

After the chaos from that night before, I decided Matt can keep the tongs – the barbecue has well and truly rejected me.

Until next week, keep your glasses full.

Cheers x



Growing up in Roseworthy and attending Kapunda High School, Laura joins The Bunyip in June, 2016 whilst completing the final year of a double degree in Journalism and International Relations at University of SA. This is Laura's first role as a Journalist following a stint at Gawler Council in the Communications Department. She will cover the news in the Playford and Mallala council regions. Outside of work, Laura enjoys anything health and well-being related, and can be regularly seen shopping for fresh, healthy produce at local markets.

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