Bash brothers

AN upcoming event in Freeling will help ‘The Avengers’ make it to their first Variety Bash, this August.

Made up of long-time Craigmore mates Anthony Hill (the Hulk) and Matthew Addicott (Iron Man), and Queensland’s Dave Pannell (Captain America), the first-time Bash team is looking forward to bringing joy to children, and fundraising for a good cause along the way.

Mr Hill has helped other entrants fundraise over the years, but has always wanted to take part in the Variety Bash himself.

He finally made the commitment last year by buying the team’s vehicle, Car 98, which itself is a Bash veteran and has been used by other teams for 10 separate journeys.

“I’ve always been interested in it, but haven’t been in a position to say ‘right, I’m going to buy a car and dedicate myself’,” Mr Hill said.

“I am blessed to have a very healthy son, but we have got friends who have kids with autism, or other medical problems, and we have seen them struggle over the years.

“I’ve also seen the good work that Variety has done in the past, and it’s just in my nature to try and help, if I can.”

Both Mr Hill and Mr Addicott are truck drivers, and so are well-prepared for a lengthy road-trip – the 2017 Bash will span from Mount Barker to Mount Gambier with stops, and finer route details, to be made public next Friday.

“We are looking forward to it but, to be honest, we don’t know what to expect,” Mr Hill said.

“One of the biggest pieces of advice all the teams have given us is to not trust other Bashers, because their shenanigans that they get into with the virgins is pretty funny – so we will expect the unexpected.”

The Avengers have several fundraising events in the pipeline, but have already managed to raise a whopping $6500, all of which will help children and their families pay for things such as wheelchairs, specialist equipment, therapy, and medical supplies.

A quiz event, ‘Quizarvo’, will be held at the Freeling Hotel on Sunday, February 26, to help
The Avengers reach the $9000 needed to enter, and then, hopefully, surpass their $25,000 goal.

There will also be a family fun day, featuring an Aussie car display, at the Eastern Park Football Club, on Yorketown Road, on Monday of the March long weekend.

Visit ‘SA Variety Bash Car 98 – The Avengers’ on Facebook for details.

Ellouise Crawford


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