Couch Potato

Adventure Time
GO, 6.30pm, weekdays
IF you think you’re too old for this TV animation, think again.
A series following the adventures of a boy named Finn and his best friend, Jake – a dog with the magical power to change shape and size at will – Adventure Time has developed a strong adult fan base.
Whether it’s because of these fans’ nostalgia for bright-eyed, colourful children’s series, or the show’s latent adult themes and humour, Adventure Time would make a great program to sit down and watch with your child.

The Grinch
Channel 7, 7pm, Saturday
While you’re tucking into your Christmas Eve dinner, sit back and laugh (and cry) to this classic Christmas comedy.
While all the Whos in Whoville are enjoying their Christmas celebrations, the Grinch (Jim Carrey) resents all the Christmas
fun they’re having (and even wants to spoil it). Will he be filled with the Christmas spirit?

Andre Rieu: Chrismas in London.
SBS, 7.30pm, Sunday
Experience a Christmas in London, along with the music of André Rieu. This concert combines the unique London Christmas atmosphere – with decorated Christmas trees, beautifully-lit streets and tempting Christmas window displays – with Rieu’s muchloved musical performances.
With the help of soloists, and his Johann Strauss orchestra, Rieu provides a wonderful evening of moving Christmas carols
and emotional songs, such as Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, ‘The Holy City’ and the classic ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’.

Orphan Black
In this Canadian science fiction thriller TV series, a British woman assumes the identity of an identical woman after witnessing her commit suicide in front of her own eyes.
The woman, Sarah Manning, quickly learns that she is one of many clones who are all embroiled in a violent tug of war
over the control OF their genetic information.
Starring Tatiana Maslany, who brilliantly plays all the clones and their diverse range of personality types, the series raises moral and ethical questions about human cloning, and how it affects personal identity.


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