Couple lucky to escape…

KNOWLEDGE of the dangerous Dalkeith Road/Main North Road intersection potentially saved 23-year-old Tegan Underwood’s life.

Miss Underwood, of Gawler, was involved in a two-vehicle smash at the notorious junction last Wednesday afternoon.

She said she is lucky to be alive after hitting a car that pulled onto Main North Road from Dalkeith Road, when she was travelling on the main thoroughfare.

“It was peak hour traffic, but I always take caution when going through that intersection because I know what it’s like,” she said.

“I was going 90 (kilometres per hour) at the time, but I saw the lady edge out and I thought ‘oh no, is she going to come out?’, and I slowed down, but she stopped.

“Next minute, she pulled out, so I slammed on my brakes.

“I don’t know how hard I hit her, but I would say probably about 70 kilometres (per hour) because I snapped the back axle of her car and spun her out.”

Fortunately, Miss Underwood and her boyfriend Brandon Odgers, who was a passenger during the accident, both walked away with very minor injuries.

“My boyfriend, who was in the passenger seat, has got really bad whiplash across his neck and I don’t know if he got concussion as well,” Miss Underwood said.

“I’ve just got a sore back and sore shoulders and where the airbag hit me in the face is a bit sore.”

Miss Underwood said after living in Gawler all her life, she has always been wary of the notorious Dalkeith Road/Main North Road intersection, but said now is the time that something should be done.

“I know that people coming off Dalkeith onto Main North can’t really anticipate how fast the cars are going, and for those that don’t know the cars are going 90 kilometres (per hour) it is dangerous, especially in peak hour,” she said.

“I always hesitate and brake a bit earlier and I’m really glad I did because if I had hit the lady at 90 kilometres (per hour), it would have been a lot worse than what it was.

“Main North Road is the only main entrance into Gawler and the Barossa; when there is an accident there, you’ve got traffic banked up to Munno Para and even Elizabeth, so it is a problem and something needs to happen.

“I would be interested to know what the statistics are and to what point something is actually done about it.”


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