Enjoying life as a hermit

I AM happiest when I am pottering around at home and away from the constant busyness of the world.

The days away from home are long, and I give a little sigh of happiness as I turn into the driveway.

Light peeks through the window and smoke from the wood fire rises lazily into the darkening sky, and I am home.

It takes very little to make me feel content and happy, and the more I leave the modern world behind the happier I feel.

I’ve never been good at shopping, unless it’s hitting the op shops.

I prefer old vintage items that have a history to the latest mass-produced ‘must have’.

I’m happy mending things to extend their usefulness instead of chucking them out and buying more.

Meeting more of our own needs brings me such joy, and there are always new skills to learn.

Many of the ‘old-fashioned’ skills are making a comeback as people tire of the endless expectations of society to have, buy and be it all.

Advertising is relentlessly pushed down our throats and there’s no escape from the consumerism that feeds on the compulsion to compare ourselves to others, and be found wanting.

I won’t play that game anymore.

There is little that I need, or want, and that’s just fine with me, and no-one is watching, anyway.
Perhaps I was born in the wrong era.

I know life ‘back then’ was harder and I’m not about to start churning butter, but I can make our meals from scratch, grow and preserve food, make my own lotions and potions, and approach housework with gratitude and not resentment.

There’s always work to be done at home and it’s the best kind of busy, which is just perfect for a hermit.