Family’s dream home built

THE Habitat for Humanity team has helped make a young family’s dreams come true, officially presenting them with the keys to their new Davoren Park home at a special event last week.

The organisation builds homes in partnership with families, with the partner families contributing their own labour and then purchasing the finished home at a significantly reduced cost.

The sale then contributes to helping more homes be built for people in need.

Ahmad Raihan, his wife, Refat Sami, and their daughter moved from Bangladesh to Australia in 2014, and experienced a tough start to life in their new country.

“(At the start) it was really hard to find a job and survive, but I was lucky enough to get a job; it was…low pay, but it was likely we would survive,” Mr Raihan said, while speaking at the hand-over event.

“In 2016…we found out that she (my wife) was pregnant; we were nervous, but very happy.

“In May 2016, I applied for my permanent residency…(my wife) started her placement – she was pregnant, but still she was working hard.

“In July, I got the first good news that even though she didn’t finish her placement, she got the offer of a worker in the childcare (industry); for me it was like the doors were slowly opening one by one.”

Mr Raihan said later that year he also started a new, and higher paying, job and had family join them from overseas, but still something was missing.

“My parents-in-law (came) here, I was doing overtime, I had good payment, my kids were there, we were enjoying (life) and we were happy, but something still wasn’t there,” he said.

“At the time I was living in quite a small unit, with quite a few people.

“I had to say to Zahra (my daughter) ‘don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t go there or make a noise’.

“I was looking to try and find a house for my family and then I discovered Habitat (for Humanity).”

Habitat for Humanity executive director Ben Sarre said it was great to see the family finally move into the home.

“These are, typically, the most exciting days of the year for us, it is the culmination of all of the hard work,” he said.

“It is great that we get to celebrate with our partner family.”


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