Flowing frustration

WILLASTON resident Derick Winterbottom is fed up with the poor drainage in his area, after enduring years of flooding and stormwater overflows.

Mr Winterbottom said the drains, on Main North Road, are often blocked with debris collected from the man-made dirt channel, causing stormwater run-offs.

He said, while Gawler Council workers have attempted to unblock the drains on several occasions, the problem still persists.

“Every year it blocks up – it’s always bad in winter,” Mr Winterbottom said.

“Water runs down this little dirt channel and into a concrete pipe near each driveway.

“When it gets blocked, water goes up and over the footpath, and erodes the footpath and the entrance to your driveway.

“People on Main North Road are paying rates, like everyone else, but we’re not getting much from them.

“We’ve got the same sort of system in Willaston as what they might have in Bangladesh, or India.”

Mr Winterbottom said the problem was heightened during last year’s significant storms.

He is now calling for a drainage upgrade, but says there’s confusion over whether the council or State Government is responsible.

“When you go through the new suburbs being established, one of the first things they do is footpaths, roads, curb and gutters,” he said.

“We don’t have any curb and gutters for the water to run down.

“It needs a pipe reticulation system put in down the road, and proper pipes to discharge the stormwater in a correct manner.

“Someone has to pick up the responsibility and do something.

“My question is: why can’t they (council and State Government) get together and decide who’s going to fix it?”

Gawler Council and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure failed to provide comment before deadline.

Laura Tilley


Laura Tilley joined The Bunyip team after completing her Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia and working at sister newspaper The Murray Pioneer, Renmark, recently. Laura undertook a student exchange to the UK, where she studied journalism courses at the University of Worcester. She completed several stints across different media outlets where she found her passion for journalism.