IN MY OPINION: Deputy Mayor defends RV Friendly position


SIR – You claim in your editorial and article in The Bunyip (Unfriendly RV debate reignites, July 11) that I am flogging a dead horse with my push to bring RVs to Gawler, and that the caravan park owners (and half the elected members) strongly oppose my proposal.

While the caravan park owners say they want what is best for their business, I say what is best for Gawler…and for their business!

Flogging a dead horse is a bit like the definition of insanity, that is: ‘keep doing what you have always done, but expect a different or better outcome’.

Flogging a dead horse, in this context, is like saying we want to promote Gawler, saying we want more tourists to visit and to see Gawler as a destination not just a gateway, and saying we want to
boost our local economy, but also saying we don’t want to change, we just want to keep on doing what we’ve always done.

Well, if you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got!

I’ve brought RV back  before council because we were seriously misled at the August, 2017 meeting when RV Friendly Town was defeated.

With RV Friendly Destination (not my previous RV Friendly Town proposal) I’m not flogging a dead horse, I’m trying to do something different, something new, in order to achieve a better outcome for our town and for our local businesses.

It is something that is proven to bring the tourists, to stimulate local economies and to bring business to local towns…and it’s free!

Here are some facts about the RV Welcome scheme that our caravan park owners want Gawler to adopt.

The scheme has only 91 members nationwide and only eight in SA.

The scheme has minimal reach and minimal promotion potential for Gawler to the RV market.

The scheme is anti freedom of choice and stipulates that all RVs must only camp in caravan parks when within 20 km of a town’s CBD.

Here are some facts about the RV Friendly scheme that I’m promoting.

The scheme has 477 member towns nationwide and 101 in SA.

The scheme has maximum reach and maximum promotion potential for Gawler to the 600,000-plus RV market.

The scheme is pro freedom of choice and promotes both caravan parks and RV parks.

There are over 250,000 cashed-up self-contained RV ‘grey nomads’ on the road at any one time in Australia, and the vast majority don’t like caravan parks and just won’t be forced to use them.

This is my target group!

Knock me, if you like, for trying to bring cashed-up tourists to Gawler, for trying to put Gawler on the map, and for trying to stimulate our local economy with my proposals and motions, like RV Friendly.

But, at least I’m trying.

Are any of the fab five elected members who regularly vote against me trying, or even offering, alternatives?

These are my personal views.

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