Innovative “smart” rubbish initiative

A SOUTH Australian company which plans to roll out its “smart” bin in Playford says it is changing a rubbish topic into a sexy discussion.

Playford Council recently started trialling ‘Clean Cube’ and ‘Clean Cap’ sensor technology, by distributor Smart City Solutions, at Munno Para’s Playford Alive Town Park.

The Clean Cube is a cavity for a standard wheelie bin, fitted with a sensor to alert an electric motor and gear drive system to compress rubbish, while the Clean Cap sensor works by notifying council when complete removal is required.

Smart City Solutions chief executive Luke Johnston said the technology challenges the way rubbish has historically been discussed.

“We like the hashtag ‘making waste sexy’; we’re trying to see if it will stick,” he laughed.

“It is turning a conversation that we don’t like to have, and we think of as something we don’t like to touch and smell, into an interactive conversation, which is great.

“Innovation and tech, and different projects for smart city, is growing and it will come; it will come very fast and we just like to be involved.”

The sensors are solar-power charged, however Playford’s first model is a hybrid and plugs into a standard electricity socket.

Mr Johnston said the waste bins create many financial and operational benefits and, despite an outlay of between $4500 and $6500, all clients have seen investment returns within two years.

Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty said the new bins could, potentially, create cost savings for ratepayers.

“The idea is that the technology tells us that we don’t need to deploy a regular cleaning crew to empty a bin that may only be a quarter, or a half, full,” he said.

“The sensors tell us when they can be emptied; (we can then) redeploy our services if a particular bin in the park, or at an oval, is being used more regularly.

“We can get them (the team) out there, and have it emptied, instead of waiting for a resident to give us a call because the bin is overflowing.


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