Intersection petition continues to grow

A PETITION to bring forward the construction of a roundabout at a notorious Edinburgh North intersection has received over 3500 signatures.

The State Government is currently committed to building a roundabout at the intersection of Womma and Stebonheath roads, but the time frame is dependent on other development in the area.

Past incidents at the junction include a crash in August 2017, where a family of four was taken to hospital after two cars and a truck collided.

Another incident occurred in May of the same year, where a woman was taken to hospital in a critical condition after a twocar smash.

Playford councillor Peter Rentoulis, one of the petition’s authors, said the construction of the roundabout needs to occur soon, regardless of other development in the area.

“There are near accidents there on a daily basis; with the increasing development that is occurring in that particular spot, it’s only going to get worse,” he said.

“So, something’s got to be done to make the intersection a lot safer to travel through.”

Cr Rentoulis is aiming to attract 5000 signatures before he takes the petition to council.

He has been taking the petition to shopping centres around the Playford Council area, as well as receiving signatures online.

“I’ve had people go out of their way to sign the petition even though they weren’t shopping, the crucial feedback is that it needs to get done as soon as possible,” Cr Rentoulis said.

“This isn’t just a metropolitan issue, this is a whole Playford issue; it’s a gateway between the metropolitan areas of Playford to the rural parts.

“Everyone uses it, whether you are from the metro area, or the country and rural parts of Playford.”

The petition claims 33 crashes have occurred at the intersection since 2012.

The intersection currently has stop signs on Stebonheath Road to control traffic.

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