Kapunda research facility proposal being assessed

KAPUNDA’S JT Johnson & Sons has lodged a development application for a feed research facility, in support of its existing feed mill, on Johnson Road.

The application, lodged with Light Regional Council in February, proposes pens for up to 60 cattle, as well as retrospective approval for two open-ended structures, which have already been erected.

“The proposed development is for a research facility and field testing site that will enable Johnson’s to showcase the performance and successes of their various fodder products on cattle that are kept on site for varying lengths of time,” the application, prepared by urban and regional planning firm URPS, stated.

“The cattle in each pen are fed different diets constructed of Johnson’s feed produced at its feed mill on Perry Road, less than 500 metres from the site.

“The diets are closely monitored for performance as part of the ongoing research and development activities of Johnson’s.”

According to the application, at the end of each cycle (from 30 to 120 days) some cattle will be sent to an abattoir to assess meat quality, and others will be returned to a farm.

As the project is to be located in council’s Industry Zone, it is considered ‘non-complying’ and will be assessed by a future meeting of council’s assessment panel, on merit.
A large component of the assessment will entail determining the nature of the development, and whether it is considered a ‘research facility’, as proposed, or ‘intensive animal keeping’.

Council had previously asked JT Johnson & Sons to remove the subject structures by March 15, but is currently allowing them to stay while their application is assessed and determined.

Ellouise Crawford


Ellouise Crawford joined The Bunyip in April, 2010, while completing a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia. Ellouise wrote The Bunyip’s Playford Times before joining the editorial team full-time in late-2011. She now covers the Light Regional Council region and enjoys writing about Gawler’s strong heritage, as well as its many passionate and inspirational residents. Ellouise grew up in Gawler and now lives in Wasleys with her family.

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One Comment;

  1. Chris said:

    This end of Kapunda already puts up with terrible levels of noise, light and air pollution from Johnson’s this can only add to that.
    Noisy cows and their smells can only lead to noisier dogs in the area.
    Dealing with the effluent from a development like this should involve interception drains and underground tanks for containment if it were allowed to proceed. Hopefully not.
    It would be another example of the erosion of quality of life that this end of town continually suffers at the hands our local planners and stakeholders (steak holders…)
    Maybe I should join PETA….

    Chris Blaikie