Letters to the editor: November 18

SIR – I attended last week’s special meeting of the Mallala District Council and I found it quite insulting to the ratepayers and the residents of Mallala Council District that the chief executive felt the need for police presence at the meeting.
There were three police patrol cars, plus Mallala and Two Wells police, present.
What did Ms Marten think we were going to do?
Perhaps in Sydney and Walkerville (her previous places of employment) that action is necessary, but not in Mallala.
We don’t do things like that.
If you wanted to alienate the locals, you did a very good job.
Most people I have spoken to have felt very hurt by this action and will not forget.
Also, Ms Marten engaged a legal advisor and a media advisor to attend the meeting.
How much has that put on our rates?
No wonder we are going deeper into debt if all these advisors are being brought in for the least little matter.
Annette Halford,

Environment fight
SIR – Family First Senator Bob Day (letters, November 4), claims “…protectionism is a really bad idea. It protects declining industries and stifles emerging industries by forcing citizens to pay more for the declining industry product, leaving them with less money to spend on the emerging industry”.
Well, Senator Day, you clearly don’t practise what you preach.
What about your strong and continuing support of protectionism for the declining fossil fuel industry and your efforts to frustrate, stifle, bog down in red tape and kill off the emerging renewable energy industry?
Australian taxpayers pay billions of dollars annually (equal to $1700 per person per year) in protectionist subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, which you support, while you have played your part to seriously undermine certainty in the emerging renewable energy sector by:
• failing to support the Renewable Energy Target,
• voting to kill off the carbon tax,
• opposing a price on carbon pollution,
• advocating for even greater CO2 pollution through the accelerated burning of fossil fuels claiming that “…CO2 is not a pollutant, it’s good for the planet because it’s plant food”.
• demonising wind power and wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on yet another senate inquiry and the resultant red tape and new bureaucracy of a wind-power ombudsman.
And you are right, Senator, we are paying far too much for our electricity, by propping up the old, dirty and lethal fossil fuel generators and their business model, while doing your best to kill off the clean, green, safe and sustainable emerging renewable energy industry.
You also state in your letter, Senator Day, that you, and Family First, support farmers…really?
The farmers, vignerons, winemakers and irrigators I know all believe in the reality of anthropogenic climate change.
You oppose the Murray-Darling Plan, but they understand that if you take out more than you put in, it’s not sustainable.
They understand that there are no farms, no farming communities, no jobs and no economy on a dead planet…nor a dead river system.
C’mon, Senator Day, start fighting for South Australia and for our environment.
Ian Tooley,
Climate Reality Leader, ACF TCRP.

More beneficial
SIR – Just adding a comment to the letter to the editor (Road rage) in the November 11 issue; when the traffic restriction was placed at the northern end of Murray Road I argued profusely to traffic management it would prove to be a useless undertaking.
I have seen numerous vehicles access Murray Road from the north (at one count over 40 in a morning) with pedestrians also at risk.
I believe this restriction would have been far more beneficial for all road users, with less inconvenience to local traffic, had the barrier been placed at the Murray Road/High Street corner on the southern side.
Through traffic would have been controlled and access to all entrances would have been unchanged, even today.
Ian Sanders,

Equal for all
SIR – While the Finnigan case in SA is disgraceful, it exemplifies the tragedy of child exploitation. However, it concerns me that this man, found guilty, interfered, physically, with no children at all; while in many parts of the world, particularly in relation to the established churches, overwhelming evidence suggests that many, in significantly high positions, have turned a blind eye to the overwhelming evidence of actual sexual molestation occurring under their watch, and, for the vast majority, remain “guiltless” and continue in their positions.
Who was it that said the law is equal for all?
Rick Drewer,
Gawler East.

Council protest
SIR – The Gawler Council has declared its support for the November 29 protest march in which people can demonstrate against the Federal Government and its perceived lack of action regarding global warming.
Refer Gawler Council website 27-10-2015 Council Minutes, Section 14 Motions without Notice Motion No: 2015:10:399 –
“That Council:
1. Indicates its support for the Adelaide People’s Jobs, Justice and Climate March on Sunday, November 29, 2015 and places the promotional poster/flier and weblink on its website.
2. Endorses the use of a placard including the council logo, to be carried at the march, stating ‘Town of Gawler supports strong action on climate change’.
3. That the CEO be delegated to approve any expenses required for the placard.
Carried unanimously.”
The Gawler Council has voted unanimously to fund the manufacture of placards complete with Gawler Council logo for Deputy Mayor Tooley to wave around as he meanders through the streets of Adelaide in support of his beliefs.
Is it within the council’s community charter to actively participate in demonstrations? Moreover, is it appropriate for a council to pressure the Federal Government into enacting legislation based on a belief of impending climate doom?
Should the council divert its limited revenue from its constituents to support such efforts?
What climate change-related motions will be passed in the future and how will these motions affect its constituents?
C. Buchanan,

Sand and bricks
SIR – When will the old lawnmowing shop be cleaned up?
Right in the heart of Willaston and just up the Main North Road, overlooking Hewett, we have a very old garage which goes by the name of Neptune – it’s last customer would have been Adam and Eve.
High Street, with its crumbling walls and the eyesore behind the Old Bushman Hotel – come on, Gawler Council, please look to the future and not to old sand and bricks.
Tony Frost,

SIR – Poppy Day Appeal is an RSL initiative and it is most disappointing to see that the Gawler Branch of the RSL has had to advertise in The Bunyip for volunteers to sell badges.
Surely, the membership of the branch has not shrunk so much that this action has had to be resorted to.
Michael Hindle,