Lexi’s art shock

THE artistic talents of a former St Columba College student will soon be on display at the prestigious South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Art Show, opening this March.

Finishing year 12 in 2016, Lexi Mathews was recently recognised for her hard work by being named in the show alongside 200 other talented artists from across the state.

“I was a little bit shocked, I didn’t think that I would get into it,” she said.

“My main goal for year 12 was to either get a merit, or get into the SACE Art Show.

“The idea of a merit went out the window really quickly, but I didn’t think I would get into the SACE Art Show.

“I was looking at everyone else’s artworks and was thinking ‘that looks way better than mine’.”

The self-confessed perfectionist said her chosen pieces were designed around societal issues, including the themes of poverty, harmful protests, terrorism and war, and domestic violence.

“Topic-wise, they’re the ones that I thought were the main things that are wrong with the world,” Miss Mathews said.

“When (people) do depict these sorts of things, they aren’t always correct and they always depict it differently.

“I see they only focus on one thing that’s happening and not the entire scope, so I was trying to do more of a generalised piece so it would fit into multiple scenarios and affect more people.”

Miss Mathews was well-supported by her teacher, Kelley Lewis, who is very pleased with her achievements.

“I am really proud, the process of the SACE Art Show was really different at the end of last year,” Mrs Lewis said.

“Usually moderators come and leave a little piece of paper if someone got in, but the process change meant that I could only
nominate four artworks, and we had seven in the class.

“I did have a feeling about Lexi’s work and I was hopeful, so I felt a lot of joy when I got the email to say that she had gotten in – it really is a wonderful thing.”

Miss Mathews is the fourth St Columba College student to ever feature in the show, which, this year, will be held from Saturday, March 18, until Wednesday, May 3, at Adelaide College of the Arts’ Light Square gallery.


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