Local growers gain recognition

VIRGINIA’S Zurriyet Braham has taken out this year’s AusVeg South Australia Women in Horticulture award.

Mrs Braham has worked for 15 years in the local industry, with her husband, growing a bell pepper variety of capsicum, while also dedicating the majority of her life to the region.

She said the award was completely unexpected, but also very encouraging.

“It was very exciting just to be nominated, let alone to win the award,” she said.

“I, pretty much, have grown up in Virginia all my life, so I do understand what growers do, and the time they put in, so it is just great to be recognised.”

Mrs Braham has also been heavily involved in the implementation of growing technology and changing farming practices.

She said it has been something she has really enjoyed, but realises there are many challenges in getting these new-age practices included on all local farms.

“I am a deputy chair for HortEx Alliance…and we have done a lot of trial works,” Mrs Braham said.

“I enjoy it because you want to teach the community, and we just can’t voice enough the different things that can be used.

“Some people find it hard…to adapt and adopt those practices.”

Mrs Braham said while winning the women’s award was special in a majority male industry, she has never seen her gender as a limitation for success.

“I am always confident in what I do and because I enjoy what I am doing, it is like I don’t even see it to be an issue,” she said.

“I am always going into our local supplier and they, and everyone, just has this confidence in me and I don’t have that feeling of ‘this is just for males’, or feel vulnerable in that way.

“I feel like this is just me.”


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