Lush plans to give Adelaide Plains ratepayers a voice

ADELAIDE Plains Council hopeful John Lush says he’ll be ensuring ratepayers’ views are heard, should he be elected as a councillor this November.

The long-time Adelaide Plains Ratepayers and Residents Association (APRRA) president revealed last week that he had relinquished the position in order to run for council.

Speaking to The Bunyip, Mr Lush said he wouldn’t be losing his focus on ratepayers’ views, if elected.

“Even if they’re not my views, they are still the ratepayers’ views, that’s important,” he said.

“I’ve had several conversations with councillors who believe they were elected to put their point of view forward, and I, actually, think that’s wrong.

“They are elected to understand what ratepayers’ views are and represent those.”

Mr Lush, who served a term on the then Mallala District Council during the 1990s, has spent much of his life in agriculture politics and business.

He has also been president of the Grains Council of Australia, president of the Mallala Agriculture Bureau and the Australian representative to the US Grains Council.

Mr Lush said he will use his experience in politics and business to try and bring “common sense” back to Adelaide Plains Council.

“I remember talking to a high-powered businessman in Canberra at Parliament House and he was talking about a new committee they were putting together,” he said.

“I said ‘wow, you’d need some pretty smart people to get on there’, and he said ‘no, just people with common sense’.

“I don’t know about common sense lacking (within the council), but it seems to get lost in the politics of local government, sometimes.”

Mr Lush will be replaced as president of APRRA by Mallala Lions member Neil Slater, with current vice-president David Grove returning to his position.

He said the timing was right to leave APRRA and push for election to council.

“I’ve always believed that, in any position, after a while you need to rotate people around, after a while people get sick of one style of leadership,” he said.

“It’s good to have new blood; Neil Slater will bring a new vision and a new way of doing things and I think that will be good.”

Mr Slater said APRRA would be “foolish not to” support their former president at the election in November.

“Council needs revision…it’s pretty obvious some of them aren’t working in the interests of the ratepayers.

“We will be putting out who we are prepared to support as far as those people standing for council in the November election.”

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