New homes join local townships

THE official township boundaries of Kapunda, Wasleys and Roseworthy have undergone a revision to include new housing developments and future growth areas.

The changes, which also create a new area for ‘Gawler Belt’, were accepted by council’s elected members as part of enforcing updated air quality legislation.

Under the 2016 air quality policy, permits are needed for open-air burning activities within a metropolitan council area, or a township in a non-metropolitan council area, outside of the Fire Danger Season.

Council’s strategy and development general manager, Craig Doyle, said council was required to review and update its township boundaries so that the policy could be applied, and burning permits legally issued.

“In the case of each township, it was important to include all residential areas which are (or will likely be) more densely populated, and wherein backyard burning can, potentially, cause localised irritation and concerns,” he said.

“The changes made will assist with managing backyard burning activities and any related potential issues that may result.

“The changes proposed will not affect the Light Regional Council’s large farming and agricultural community, who will still be able to undertake burning activities (outside of the Fire Danger Season – wherein a permit is needed) as they have done in the past.”

Mr Doyle added the changes would not alter the rates that are applied to the affected areas.

The revised Roseworthy boundary includes the addition of areas rezoned through the ‘Roseworthy Township Expansion’ project, south of the existing Roseworthy township, west of Horrocks Highway, east of the railway line and north of Edward Road.

Wasleys now officially takes in the Ridley Mill Estate and Rural Living areas to the south/south-east of the township, opposite Henry Turton Circuit and Ashwell Road, respectively.

Kapunda’s boundary now takes in the ‘5 Shilling Residential Estate’ and the Residential Zone (Seniors Living Policy Area) south-east of the hospital on Nash Street.

Meanwhile, a new ‘township’ at Gawler Belt borders the Sturt Highway, Redbanks Road, Nottle Road, and homes south of Ward Belt Road.

Light Regional Council’s township boundaries were last revised and gazetted in 2001.

Ellouise Crawford


Ellouise Crawford joined The Bunyip in April, 2010, while completing a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia. Ellouise wrote The Bunyip’s Playford Times before joining the editorial team full-time in late-2011. She now covers the Light Regional Council region and enjoys writing about Gawler’s strong heritage, as well as its many passionate and inspirational residents. Ellouise grew up in Gawler and now lives in Wasleys with her family.