No obstacle too ‘bigg’ for Two Wells ninja Alex

WHEN Two Wells’ Alex Bigg faltered at just the second obstacle during the premier season of ‘Ninja Warriors’, he vowed he would be back to try again – and this time claim victory.

The avionics technician, dubbed ‘Mr Bigg’, will return to South Australian TV screens this Sunday night to have another run at the Ninja Warrior course, for the second season of the hit Channel Nine television show.

Alex, 31, said he is back to redeem himself, with his sights firmly set on beating the ‘pole rider’ obstacle, which was his undoing the first time around.

“When I got into season one I was pretty confident; I thought I was pretty good at obstacles, and then came off on the second obstacle,” he said.

“My family were heaps supportive and were telling me I had done really well to get there, but I felt I’d let them down.

“Then, probably, a week later I thought ‘nah, stuff that, I can’t let that course beat me – I want to get back out there and have another crack at it’.”

More than 7500 Aussies applied to be on the show, but many didn’t make it through the initial, intense physical test, which included a five-minute agility test and three- and two-minute planks.

In the lead-up to the latest competition, Alex has taken his preparation to the next level by installing Ninja obstacles in his shed.

“My training for the past 12 months has been flat out,” he said.

“I love weightlifting and Crossfit…and now I’ve built my own Ninja Warrior setup at home in the shed, and I’ve been training out there two to three times a week, every chance I get.”

A total of 300 Ninjas were selected to compete in the show’s second season, which began airing last Sunday night.

“I’m heaps happy to get back on to the show and have another chance at it,” Alex said.

“It’s just a massive community of people trying to see how far they can push each other and their bodies, and it’s pretty cool to be a part of it.”