Paddock fire sparks CFS message

A BLAZE that burned through five acres of open paddock last week has prompted authorities to deliver an important message only weeks into the fire danger season.

The fire occurred last Wednesday afternoon at Blencowe Road, One Tree Hill, but was contained and extinguished by crews who quickly responded to calls from nearby neighbours, who raised the alarm.

CFS Para Group officer Rob Styling said it was a good result this time, but that it is a timely reminder to the community about how important it is to be prepared.

“My message is be vigilant, make sure you have done the work (around the house),” he said at the scene last Wednesday.

“Make sure you have a bushfire action plan, and know whether you are going to leave, or stay.

“It is very early on in the fire season and we are getting fires that are running very quickly and can create a lot of havoc.

“That is why we go on active standby, because certain conditions dictate that, and it’s proven today that it is beneficial.”

Pauline and Mat Jansen, who live at the adjoining property and called for CFS support, said it was incredible how quickly the fire spread.

“It was just a little circle in the paddock next door, so I rang triple zero and Mat got the hose to try and get water over the fence and spray the ground,” Mrs Jansen said.

“Then they (the CFS) said ‘they would be here in a few minutes’, then all of a sudden it just spread.

“If there had been more wind, like there had been earlier (in the day), I think it would have moved further and faster.”

Officer Styling said 14 appliances attended the blaze, and contained the fire before it caused any harm.

“There was a good green buffer around the (Jansen’s) house, but the fire did get within about 10 metres of their house down the eastern end,” he said.

“It was a good result by the good work of the crews, who got there pretty quickly and addressed the northern front quickly.

“Fires do start slow, but because of the extreme fire conditions – even though it is cloudy and it seems to have cooled down – the ground is still holding a fair amount of heat.”

The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage, but police are investigating the incident.


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