Pasin visits Kapunda Liberals’ branch

THE Kapunda branch of the Liberal Party met with federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin last week to discuss Kapunda’s looming entry into his electorate’s boundaries.

The Australian Electoral Commission formally approved the electoral boundary redistribution for the upcoming federal election – which is expected to be held sometime over the next 12 months – on Friday, July 20.

Under the changes, Kapunda will no longer form part of Wakefield – which will be renamed Spence and become more metropolitan – and enter into the seat of Barker, set to become one of just two wholly regional electorates in  South Australia.

The Liberal Party’s Kapunda branch held a dinner meeting with Mr Pasin last Wednesday to become familiarised with the incumbent Barker MP, who is likely to become the town’s new federal representative.

According to branch president Anne Hornsey, Mr Pasin gave a comprehensive outline of his background as someone raised in the country who was familiar with, and supportive of, small business and who had a wide range of  experiences through his legal practice.

Mr Pasin also expressed support for his Liberal colleague Health Minister Greg Hunt’s declaration that a court order would be required to release the information of My Health Record owners without their consent.

The online record of Australians’ health information has come under fire in recent weeks, amid concerns raised over the potential for data and privacy breaches to occur following the announcement that all Australians will be made to have one, unless they ‘opt out’.

Mr Pasin reassured branch members the government will work with medical leaders on additional communications to the public about the benefits and purpose of the My Health Record, so they can make an informed choice.

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