Playford bowlers rockin’ and rollin’

PLAYFORD Bowling Club members are hoping their newly-opened undercover bowls facility will serve as the catalyst for the sport’s growth in the north, and see an influx of younger  players joining the club.

The new $7 million facility is located on Goodman Road, in Elizabeth, and features three undercover synthetic bowling greens, as well as a new clubhouse including bar and kitchen facilities.

The complex serves as the nextstage of Playford Council’s sports precinct development.

Playford Bowling Club president Jim Main said it’s “absolutely amazing” to finally move into the new facility, and he hopes to see more community members putting their hand up to play bowls.

“People have this misconception that bowls is an elderly sport, but it’s really not,” he said.

“The parents of the community are the most important thing because we need them to encourage younger people to come and play.”

Mr Main said the club, which currently has 160 members, has added 12 new members since the facility opened last fortnight and is preparing a major recruitment drive to increase local interest in the sport.

“Some of the ideas we have include getting a dedicated recruitment officer to handle the recruitment drive,” he said.

“A lot of our members are ex-sports men and women, so we want to invite all the sporting clubs in the area to the new facility.

“We’ve got to get those people who are past their physical best in tennis, hockey and football and let them share their competitive spirit here.”

Mr Main said the new undercover greens will allow the club to operate “365 days a year” in any weather, and the benefits will be felt by all members.

“Ultraviolet rays are the biggest problem for bowlers,” he said.

“It’s not so much wet weather, it’s the sun and this facility has mitigated that.

“Arguably, this facility is a 365 day a year facility, which can be used at all times.”

The new Playford Bowling Club was funded largely through the sale of the old Munno Para lawn bowls site.


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