Police support better CCTV

LOCAL police have joined a chorus of voices calling for improvements to Gawler’s electronic security and surveillance camera capabilities.

Gawler Senior Sergeant Lou Costello said officers were keen to see the town’s current closed circuit television (CCTV) system upgraded and, potentially, expanded, in a bid to improve public safety.

He said, while the current system was “satisfactory”, an upgrade would provide clearer vision and more comprehensive coverage, which would aid in identifying potential offenders and suspects.

“The system is certainly satisfactory, but if we could improve its capabilities, then that’s a bonus,” Snr Sgt Costello said.

“Upgrading the technology would provide clearer vision and cover a greater area, making it easier to identify an offender.

“Those cameras are only able to capture footage within a certain range; perhaps we can get a bit of an interlock between the cameras down the street.”

Snr Sgt Costello identified Gawler’s Murray Street and Julian Terrace as potential “hot spots” needing better security and surveillance cameras.

“In the past 12 months, we’ve had some issues along Julian Terrace in relation to some individuals being intoxicated, and behaviour offences,” he said.

“Whether or not we need to put CCTV there, that’s something we’d need to consult with council about.

“It’s about forming a partnership and working together to achieve the best result.”

Snr Sgt Costello said CCTV footage was an effective tool in managing crime, vandalism, accidents and antisocial behaviour.

“It’s a helpful tool used by local governments and police to investigate crime,” he said.

“Once we have that vision, we are able to show neighbouring LSA (Local Service Area) police officers, and then we can go further than that, if necessary, and release it to the general public.

“There’s nothing better than being able to produce, to a court, clear vision of a person committing a crime.

“It provides greater security and people feel more safe within the community.”

Earlier this year, the Gawler Business Development Group consulted with local business owners, who strongly support a new CCTV system in Murray Street and at other high-traffic areas.

Gawler Mayor Karen Redman encouraged local residents to share their thoughts about the town’s current CCTV footage via a short survey.

“We are keen to hear from our residents about the current safety measures in Gawler as it relates to CCTV,” she said.

Locals can have their say by Friday, March 24, by visiting surveymonkey.com/r/CCTVGawler

Laura Tilley


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