School proposal revealed

Tom Staggard

THE State Government has announced its intention to build a new birth to year 12 school in Munno Para as part of the new State Budget.

The new school will accommodate 1400 students, 100 special-school students and a 55-place children’s centre.

It will be built using a public-private partnership process, meaning it will be financed, designed, constructed and maintained by the private sector, allowing principals and staff to focus on teaching, learning and care outcomes.

Member for Light Tony Piccolo said the new school is a must for the area, and will help provide much needed relief for education services throughout the region, including Gawler.

“Rapid growth in the City of Playford has seen Mark Oliphant College reach its capacity much earlier than expected,” he said.

“The new school will alleviate pressure on other northern schools like Munno Para Primary School, Adelaide North Special School and Gawler & District College.”

Mr Piccolo said the likely location of the new school is currently unclear, but it would aim to accommodate families in the newly developed Playford areas.

“The new school would likely be positioned westerly of the existing Mark Oliphant College,” he said.

“It would, therefore, draw its students from the new communities in Munno Para West and Munno Para Downs, and not older ones east of Mark Oliphant.”

South Australia Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said the school will be a centre for educational excellence and fitted with state-of-the-art facilities, which will allow students to enjoy the best possible learning environment.

“We are continuing to build a new generation of science and technology labs in our public schools to boost the number of students studying science, technology, engineering and maths to prepare them for our growing shipbuilding and defence industry,” he said.

“We want our students to have the opportunity to live and work in South Australia, where they can be close to family and contribute to the state’s prosperity.”

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