Templers Road needs fixing: resident

A TEMPLERS resident is calling for a  more permanent fix to a deteriorating stretch of Templers Road, after she came close to experiencing a serious head-on collision due to a large pothole.

Debbie Chandler has driven along Templers Road, between Templers and Freeling, regularly for several years, and said she is used to dodging potholes or large crumbling pieces of bitumen.

However, on one particular trip, in the lead-up to the Christmas break, she was caught by surprise.

“This particular time, I could see a pothole and the oncoming traffic and thought, ‘I have nowhere to go’,” Mrs Chandler said.

“This pothole had grown over the last couple of weeks, and had shards and big lumps of rubble just sitting on the road itself, with every car or truck that went past just kicking it further onto the road.

“So I went over the pothole, holding on… and it literally threw me off to the other side of the road.

“Luckily, the oncoming traffic saw what was happening and slowed down – it was just pure luck the break in the traffic happened.”

Mrs Chandler described the road, which is under the management of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), as a “nightmare”, as well as a source of frustration for fellow motorists.

“It’s always been under repair and they do their patch-up jobs and then they leave it for a while,” she said.

“I put (the topic) up on the Freeling (Community) Facebook page…and there have been so many comments on there about the road and near-misses other people have had.”

A DPTI spokesperson said Templers Road has not been selected by the department’s Priority System, used to assess major resealing/resurfacing projects to receive statewide funding.

However, the potholes on the road, including the one Mrs Chandler hit, were filled in prior to Christmas.

“All DPTI roads are regularly inspected on a fortnightly basis, with any minor repairs made to ensure the road is maintained in a safe condition for all road users,” a department spokesperson said.

“Should road users notice an issue requiring immediate attention, they are encouraged to contact the department’s 24-hour Traffic Management Centre on 1800 018 313 and the problem will be attended to as soon as possible.”

Member for Schubert Stephan Knoll said the road is one of a number he receives regular negative feedback about, and it would benefit under the Liberal Government’s proposal to address a backlog of road infrastructure maintenance.

“This road, along with others, such as the Daveyston Road and Owen Road, south of Hamley Bridge, are in a disgraceful condition and are real safety risks for people that use them,” he said.

The last major spray-sealing works on the road (between Horrocks Highway and Booker Road) occurred in 2012/13, at a cost of $113,371.

Ellouise Crawford


Ellouise Crawford joined The Bunyip in April, 2010, while completing a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia. Ellouise wrote The Bunyip’s Playford Times before joining the editorial team full-time in late-2011. She now covers the Light Regional Council region and enjoys writing about Gawler’s strong heritage, as well as its many passionate and inspirational residents. Ellouise grew up in Gawler and now lives in Wasleys with her family.

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