The couch conundrum

The Weekly Wine Down with Laura Collins

LAST week you heard about my puppy, Archie, and my internal battle of working out if he should sleep inside, or outside.

After much debate, Matt and I did allow him to camp in the laundry, but after two nights of whining because he was too hot (the laundry is located next to the wood fire) he is now happily cuddled up on a new, large and thick hessian matt inside his kennel.

Onto this week though, and I’m talking new lounges after living with not
the ‘sexiest of sofas’ for the past three months.

At the time of moving into our cosy 1925 bungalow, we were almost completely furniture-less and therefore very grateful for any family donations, or happy with the occasional score off Gumtree.

Now, our beige three-piece, faux-leather, and bulky couch has overstayed its welcome.

With the end of financial year sales in full-swing, a trip to find the perfect lounge
was certainly on the cards, and what better time than a quiet Sunday.

We scoured showrooms in search of the perfect match – but, really, with the options of leather, fabric, thin legs, thick arms and essentially everything in between, how does one choose?

We trawled through the various options, but were deterred by many of the significant price tags.

We sat on some sofas and I imagined what coffee table and rug would match, while Matt complained about how the most trendy of couches had the comfort
level of a brick.

It turns out, to my disappointment and complete surprise, we have different priorities when it comes to lounges.

Matt is interested in comfort, and comfort alone, and I am looking for style.
Apparently, trying to find this perfect combination is far more challenging than
it sounds.

After an hour or so of bickering, and respectfully warding off five or six keen
sales people, we left – without any new furniture.

Now, the problem I have is that I can’t stop thinking how much our ‘old faithful’
bothers me.

Does that ever happen to you? When you really notice a piece of furniture that never once phased you, and now it completely frustrates you beyond explanation?

For now, I suppose, I will just be living with the big beige baby.

If you have some tips on finding a couch that fits, please, please let me know!

Until next week, keep your glasses full.


Cheers x


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