The perfect Mother’s Day gift

Lisa Cooper

TWO local parents have thanked Gawler Health Service (GHS) midwives for helping deliver the perfect Mother’s Day gift for their family.

Blakeview residents Cristina and Simon Dekousemaeker welcomed the birth of their first daughter, Alana, at Gawler Health Service two weeks earlier than expected, at around 2.30pm on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13.

The birth was so unexpected – and unplanned – that Cristina wasn’t even sure it was really happening, when she went into labour at 3.30am.

“I wasn’t in any pain (and) because (our first son) Lucas was induced, I didn’t know the feeling,” she laughed.

Simon called the midwife helpline and they were booked in for a check-up at GHS later that morning.

Cristina had given birth to their son, Lucas at GHS several years ago, and the couple chose the hospital for their second birth, despite Lyell McEwin being closer in location.

“It’s just good to have both at Gawler because I’m a local,” Simon, whose family hails from Lyndoch, said.

At their appointment, the couple was told to enjoy their Mother’s Day lunch and come back later that night.

However, about half an hour later, Cristina began to feel pain again, which she mistook for hunger, and the couple went to McDonald’s instead.

“Yeah, it wasn’t my choice of a celebration, at McDonald’s,” Simon laughed.

“But, it was something that’s quick.

“It was my idea for somewhere close, but we didn’t even get halfway through the McDonald’s and we had to go back (because Cristina was in pain).”

At around noon, the Dekousemaekers checked in, again, to GHS, where Cristina gave birth to baby Alana just over two hours later.

The Dekousemaeker’s Mother’s Day plans weren’t the only ones that had to be changed, as the midwives had to rush to the hospital to help deliver the baby.

“There were three midwives and they had to cancel their Mother’s Day lunch,” Simon said.

“One lady said she had to leave a party, another lady was talking about how she was halfway through making a cake.

“(It was a) great Mother’s Day gift, so amazing,” Cristina added.

The Dekousemaekers appreciated the work of the midwives and wanted to share their story as a way of saying “thank you” to GHS.

Cristina returned home to Blakeview with baby Alana on the Tuesday following the birth.

“We are happy – I feel like we’re a complete family now,” Cristina said.

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