WEEKLY WINE DOWN: Flu season takes hold

THIS week illness struck the Collins/Wellington household, with some of us coping slightly better than others.

Although I spent the better part of two days in bed, and then was tucked in before 9pm every other night, I am now, fortunately, on the mend.

Before getting better, though, let’s just say I made it known I wasn’t feeling 100 per cent, by throwing myself a little pity party and inviting Matt along.

On day one of my sickness, Matt tried his hand at his first-ever home-made pumpkin soup, rubbed my back while I coughed profusely (bless his soul) and checked on me throughout the day while he was at work.

The soup, combined with some antibiotics, prescribed on day two, cleared the bug for the most part within days, but this wasn’t before it made itself known to an unsuspecting Matt.

As soon as I heard his first cough, I knew what was happening, and I didn’t like it.

Not only had this bug taken a hold of him, but I knew the sympathy spotlight was now being pulled away from me and it would be now shining on ‘man flu’ Matt.

I am certainly not one to talk gender and one’s resilience to sickness, but in our house it has become a thing that when Matt is unwell, with the very similar illnesses as me, he appears close to death.

The headache that I had powered through, or the chesty cough that was keeping me sleepless, all seems so much worse when Matt is fighting it off.

He would most definitely tell you otherwise, but also this is my column, so let’s just agree with things from my perspective.

Since I am not one to hold a grudge, I returned his kind and caring gestures and was equally as loving and sympathetic.

This whole week, though, with every tissue tossed, I questioned, ‘am I the only person who cringes when their loved one becomes ill?’

Only because I know that they will act as though their little sniffle will be as painful as a gunshot wound.

If you want to let me know about your ‘man flu-complaining friends’, or if you yourself are a known complainer, drop me an email.

Until next week, keep your glasses full (unless you are sick, then your medicine cup).

Cheers x


Growing up in Roseworthy and attending Kapunda High School, Laura joins The Bunyip in June, 2016 whilst completing the final year of a double degree in Journalism and International Relations at University of SA. This is Laura's first role as a Journalist following a stint at Gawler Council in the Communications Department. She will cover the news in the Playford and Mallala council regions. Outside of work, Laura enjoys anything health and well-being related, and can be regularly seen shopping for fresh, healthy produce at local markets.

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