Trinity’s robotic raiders

TRINITY College’s BaCoNeers will represent Australia at the World Adolescent Robotics Competition in China later this month.
Six students from the team will travel to Beijing with coach Sue O’Malley after they had success at the Australian championships and Asia-Pacific championships earlier this year.
“We competed in the Asia-Pacific International in Sydney in July and we were the first-placed Australian team there and they just picked us,” Mrs O’Malley said.
“We will take the same robot that we competed with in Sydney, though we’ve had to put a complete new electronic system in it.
“They changed the ruling for the electronics and so the kids in the last three months have had to learn a new computing language.
“So they’ve had a lot of work to do between, but the robot itself is a very complicated beast.”
The BaCoNeers also represented Australia at world championships last year and were named the Australian champions in 2013.
The team features 14 students who take FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) lessons, an extracurricular activity at the school.
FTC is designed for high school students and the goal is to design, build and program a robot for competitions.
“The kids need to have a great sense of problem-solving, be able to visualise things really well and have determination, because things go wrong more often than they go right,” Mrs O’Malley said.
The team will leave Australia on November 19 and will do some sightseeing before the competition, which runs from November 22 to 25.
Mrs O’Malley said would it be a fantastic experience for the students.
“The competition is actually part of the World Robotics Conference, so there will be delegates from around the world,” she said.
“We are really excited because there will be all the robots of the future there.
“So there will be demonstrations, displays and seminars that we’ll be interacting with, along with the competition itself.”

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