Virginia stripped of points stripped of points by Plains netball association

VIRGINIA Netball Club has been stripped of its premiership and percentage points from rounds two and three of the Adelaide Plains senior netball competitions following a scoresheet  indiscretion.

The Adelaide Plains Netball Association (APNA) investigated an incident that occurred during a round-two match between Virginia and Two Wells following some “scoresheet discrepancies”.

“These have been investigated with the full assistance and support of the Virginia Netball Club and their executives,” APNA president Sally Fritz said.

“It had nothing to do with the actual scores of the match; it was related to registrations and the requirements for these.

“At the completion of the investigations, it was determined that a dishonest act had occurred, but the actual person/s involved were not identifiable.

“Unfortunately, not finding the person/s involved directly, the penalty had to be imposed on the club.

“As a result, the penalty, as voted upon by the executives of the association, is that all senior teams from Virginia Netball Club are to lose all points and percentage for round two and three, and (be issued) a substantial monetary fine.

“At no point was the Virginia Netball Club executives considered involved in this incident, and they were as disappointed and frustrated with this discovery as the rest of the Adelaide Plains executives.

“The APNA strives to uphold its bylaws and constitution at all times, and any act that is seen to bring our games or association into disrepute will be dealt with harshly.”


Jack Hudson


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