Waste service backed

A WILLASTON-based recycling centre is set to open within months, after receiving a $300,000 leg-up from the State Government.

Eco Waste Solutions, which has been trying to establish a $2 million waste transfer station in Willaston for several years, was awarded the grant as part of a $2.88 million State Government funding program aimed at boosting investment and jobs across South Australia’s waste and recycling industries.

A government spokesperson said the local business, which aims to provide a hard waste collection service to the Gawler area, will provide 12 people with full-time work and create up to five part-time jobs.

“Willaston-based business Eco Waste Solutions will deliver jobs and contribute to our state’s nation-leading recycling success by helping to ensure that valuable recyclable materials do not go to landfill,” the spokesperson said.

“The company proposes to develop a state-of-the-art picking station, including screens to sort, process and segregate materials within their enclosed facility.

“With this funding, the improved Eco Waste Solutions transfer station will be able to process approximately 10,800 tonnes of material, including from construction and demolition sites.

“This funding will ensure that we can divert materials, like bricks, metal, gyprock and recyclables, such as cardboard and plastics, from landfill.”

Business owner Mark Baker said, with the assistance of the grant, the facility is now expected to open in July.

He said it was always important and helpful for businesses in the recycling industry to receive government assistance.

“We always planned to recycle, but it was a bonus that this grant became available to help keep this moving,” Mr Baker said.

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