WEEKLY WINE DOWN: Being home alone isn’t for me

I CAN confirm that living alone is really not great, after spending this past week in our house by myself.

Thankfully, Matt has returned after working interstate for the past five days, but in that time I have realised just how miserable it can be when you are alone in your own home.

The times when I have most noticed the difference is at the start and end of the day.

That’s because at the start of the day, especially  in this weather, it is difficult to get out of bed.

But, whereas when there is someone to motivate you to get moving, the roll out of bed doesn’t feel so tough.

Usually, I am out of bed before Matt so that I can use the shower and bathroom in peace, but on the days that Matt has risen before me it is just some of the subtle sounds – such as the kettle boiling – that act as a kind reminder that you should be up and getting organised, too.

Then, once you are up, you chat to the other person about what stresses you are expecting to face for the day ahead and work out who will be home first to light the fire, or feed the dog.

After leaving for the day your mind switches into work mode and it isn’t until the end of the day that you start to think about the things you need to do once you have arrived home.

As I found this week, though, when you arrive home to an empty house, you walk into a cold space, with a few breakfast dishes still waiting for you in the sink and a full fridge of ingredients, but still have not the slightest clue of what  you are going to cook.

Then, later in the evening, you, finally, hop into bed, but, of course, those creaking and footstep noises start to appear.

You know the ones – they are the ones that are never there when someone else is in the house.

Now, all of this may sound super needy, and interestingly I have always considered myself an independent person.

But, as I found this week, living alone is  not all it is cracked up to be.

That is even despite the positives – not having to fight over the TV remote, and getting to sleep in the middle of the bed.

As I said, fortunately, Matt is back, but for those who do live alone, what do you enjoy or not enjoy about it?

I would be interested to know.

Until next week, keep your glasses full.

Cheers x


Growing up in Roseworthy and attending Kapunda High School, Laura joins The Bunyip in June, 2016 whilst completing the final year of a double degree in Journalism and International Relations at University of SA. This is Laura's first role as a Journalist following a stint at Gawler Council in the Communications Department. She will cover the news in the Playford and Mallala council regions. Outside of work, Laura enjoys anything health and well-being related, and can be regularly seen shopping for fresh, healthy produce at local markets.

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