Winter a washing nightmare

The Weekly Wine Down

WINTER temperatures have officially arrived, and the struggle to dry clothes in this weather is real.

With days hovering around the 10-15 degrees Celsius range, I have, finally, been forced to construct my clothes-horse on a semi-permanent basis to ensure that Matt and I have clothes to wear to work the following day. We all know when this time of year arrives that it doesn’t matter how long your garments are hanging outside on the undercover line, they will still be wet, or at least damp.

It is not so much just the clothes-horse that is the hassle, but more the triple-handling process.

That is, putting the washing in the machine, hanging it outside to slightly dry it, and then pulling it in to re-hang over the indoor airer.

Yes, it is a lot of work, but it doesn’t stop there. Of course, if you want clothes dry for tomorrow, there is a need for something to help them dry, which means lighting our wood fire and keeping it alight overnight.

By using the fire overnight, the wood stack quickly disappears and that means constantly chopping wood. Fortunately, that is a Matt job. Once the garments are dry, you, finally, whip them off the indoor rack and start the whole process again.

Am I the only one who has noticed that it doesn’t matter how over-the-top in size your clothes-horse is, its hanging space doesn’t seem to accommodate all that many items?

Instead, it is just a huge inconvenience that you smack your leg on every time you try and pass it.

I suppose we could purchase a dryer machine, but that costs money, uses power and, from my experience, it shrinks clothes.

So, maybe not. Instead, I guess, I will battle through the next several months and wait for that spring sunshine to arrive.

Until next week, keep your glasses full.

Cheers x


Growing up in Roseworthy and attending Kapunda High School, Laura joins The Bunyip in June, 2016 whilst completing the final year of a double degree in Journalism and International Relations at University of SA. This is Laura's first role as a Journalist following a stint at Gawler Council in the Communications Department. She will cover the news in the Playford and Mallala council regions. Outside of work, Laura enjoys anything health and well-being related, and can be regularly seen shopping for fresh, healthy produce at local markets.

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