Be mindful when donating goods

LYNDOCH Op-Shop volunteers are asking  the community to be mindful when making a donation, particularly in the lead-up to the festive season.

The store raises funds for the Anglican Parish of the Barossa, and volunteers have said that while donations are greatly appreciated, it is unfortunate that a large amount end up having to be tossed out.

“We don’t want to discourage people from bringing things in because lots of people do the right thing,” volunteer Diana Dancer said.

“But, we are only a small store and don’t have washing facilities to wash dirty items, or enough people to be mending torn clothing all the time.

“We rely on mostly elderly women, even though we do have a couple of fellows working there, but they are mostly elderly people.”

Ms Dancer said around one-third of donated items are either damaged, dirty or unable to be sold, including electrical items.

“We are not allowed to sell electrical goods because we haven’t got anyone who can check them out and make sure they are safe,” she said.

“When someone comes along and dumps an old television, or that sort of thing, you have got to go quite a long way to actually dispose of those things.

“Someone from the op-shop will have to take it all the way down past Elizabeth where the e-waste goes, so it becomes extra work for people.”

Ms Dancer said the store offers an important service to locals and travellers, and with a little extra help from donors things will run even

“There is only two of us (volunteers) on at a time, so if you have one serving and one sorting all of this stuff it is quite busy at times,” she said.

“Mostly, we are a place that gives people the opportunity to pick things up cheap.

“We also give people who want to do the right thing the chance to give without throwing in the bin, because their item is good.

“We are just asking those few people to consider their item’s condition before donating.”


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