Police introduce body cameras

BODY-worn video is being rolled out as part of the operational equipment being used by South Australia Police.

The statewide implementation of the overt recording devices is starting with officers based at the Hindley Street Police Station in Adelaide’s CBD, with up to 1000 body-worn video cameras to be introduced as part of standard policing equipment.

The camera, attached to the police vest at the front of the shoulder, will be activated by the officer wearing it during interactions with the public.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Dickson said the key objectives for SA Police were to improve the safety of frontline officers, improve productivity, provide appropriate evidence in judicial matters and increase public confidence.

“There will be a staged deployment of the cameras over a three-year period,” he said.

“SA Police has invested considerable time and effort already in this project to ensure that the gathering and storage of this footage is appropriately managed.

“The experience of other agencies, to date, tells us that as an evidence-gathering tool this technology can result in quicker resolution of both criminal matters and other conflicts.”

Captured video is fully encrypted and can only be downloaded via a specialised SA Police docking system, and, once recorded, original video cannot be viewed, edited or deleted on the camera by the user.